Monday, August 27, 2007

Western Town Halls - Garth Turner's 'Lost Tory Tour'

Courtesy of: The Turner Report

More than a dozen public Town Hall meetings in ten Western Canadian cities have been called to let voters speak, and to hear MP Garth Turner. The meetings form the central part of "The Lost Tory Tour" Turner is on during the first two weeks of September, and will take place in Winnipeg, LaBroquerie, Regina, Kelowna, Vancouver, Surrey, Abbotsford, Victoria, Duncan, Calgary, Lethbridge, Red Deer and Edmonton.

All of the events have been organized by local residents, and will take place at no cost to taxpayers. Garth Turner is scheduled to speak on the topic of "What every investor and homeowner should know," and will deal with the current economic and financial reality faced by Canadian families.

Town Halls will take place in some locations where voters have had little, if any, opportunity to interact directly with an MP. "Given some of the recent decisions of the federal government," Turner says, "such as raising income tax, reversing course on income trusts, vastly increasing government spending or letting mortgage rates rise, it's only responsible to let folks speak directly to a member of the House of Commons."

Turner, elected as a Conservative in January of 2006, was expelled from the Stephen Harper caucus last October. After sitting as an independent MP for four months, he joined the federal Liberal caucus in February, 2007. Turner has been described as a lifelong Conservative, having been twice elected as an MP, and having served as a cabinet minister and run for the leadership of the Progressive Conservative party of Canada. In addition, he's been a best-selling personal finance author, broadcaster, columnist and lecturer.

"The fact these meetings are even taking place is significant," Turner says. "I would not be on this trip if I'd not been invited by people living in these communities. By and large, they have responded to my digital democracy initiative, and asked me through my blog to come and meet them, and their neighbours, in person. It is a great honour to do so

"It's also interesting to note a tour like this would never take place," Turner said, "were I still a member of Mr. Harper's caucus. Stephane Dion believes, as I do, that an MP's place is among the people, not being cloistered and controlled in Ottawa."

Schedule of confirmed Town Hall meetings, September 4-13, 2007.

For more information contact:
Esther Shaye
(905) 693-0166

LaBroquerie, Manitoba, Sept 4 at 3 pm

LaBroquerie Hotel

Winnipeg, Sept 4 at 7 pm

Crescent Wood Centre
1170 Corydon Ave.

Regina, Sept 5 at 7 pm

Travel Lodge
4177 Albert Street

Duncan, Sept 6 at 5 pm

Warmland Café
The corner of Station and Craig St.

Victoria, Sept 6 at 7 pm

Monterey Centre
1442 Monterey Ave.

Surrey, Sept. 7 at 7:30 pm

Strawberry Hill Hall,
12152, 75 Avenue

Vancouver, Sept 8 at 10 am

Holiday Inn
700 Old Lillooet Rd.

Abbotsford, Sept 9 at 2 pm

Matsqui Auditorium
32315 South Fraser Way

Kelowna, Sept 10 at 2 pm

Holiday Park Resort
415 Commonwealth Rd.

Kelowna, Sept 10 at 7 pm

Mission Activity Centre
4398 Hobson Rd.

Edmonton, Sept 11 at 2 pm

Stanley Milner Library
7 Sir W. Churchill SW

Edmonton, Sept 11 at 7 pm

Old Timer’s Cabin
9430 Scona Rd.

Red Deer, Sept 12 11:30 am to 1:00 pm

Dino’s Family Restaurant
4617 Gaetz Avenue

Calgary, Sept 12 at 2:30 pm

Engineered Air Theatre
205 8th Ave.E.

Calgary, Sept 12 at 7 pm

Ross Glen Hall, Mt. Royal Col.
4845 Mt. Royal Gate SW

Lethbridge, Sept 13 at 7 pm

Royal Cdn Legion
324 Mayor Magrath Dr.S.

For more information contact:
Esther Shaye
(905) 693-0166


Who is sponsoring this tour?

MP Turner is traveling to communities in response to local invitations, from local Liberal MPs, candidates, or readers of his blog. There is no sponsoring or umbrella group.

Is the Liberal Party behind this?

No, but the office of the party president and the leader have assisted with some details, such as coordinating local meeting notices.

How have events such as Town Halls been organized?

All events, including public meetings, stakeholder group meetings, speeches, mainstreeting and a motorcycle run, have been organized by local citizens and community groups.

Who is paying for this?

MP Turner and his wife Dorothy are using flights allocated in his existing office budget. Local volunteers are providing ground transportation. Most hotel rooms have been donated. Other costs will be paid personally by Turner. The goal is zero public cost.

Is the income trust lobby group CAITI involved?

It has no role in this tour, other than to inform its members of the time and location of public meetings.

Does MP Turner speak for leader Stephane Dion?

No. Turner presents his own independent point of view and his remarks have not been vetted by the leader or his office.

What qualifies Turner to make this tour?

He was invited to speak in each of the 12 communities.

What will he be speaking on?

‘What every investor and homeowner should know.’

This is a summary of the financial and economic track record of the Harper government, and its implications in our current volatile and uncertain environment.

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Income trust move still dogs the Tories

The Conservatives' decision to crack down on income trusts still haunts the government nine months later and could do so right up to the next election.

In the latest twist, U.S. authorities have indicted a Louisiana stockbroker on charges that he used the Internet to threaten Finance Minister Jim Flaherty and his family...More

Thursday, August 2, 2007

The only thing a politician has is his word. A message to Stephen Harper from Ralph Klein

Former Alberta Conservative Premier Ralph Klein criticizes Stephen Harper and Jim Flaherty for their handling of the Income Trust issue.

The video makes reference to a 'Stockchart' which compares the broader TSX Market Index, TSX Energy Index, current price of Oil and the TSX Royalty Trust Index. The royalty trust index trails the non-trust energy index by 25% as a result of the Harper government action against trusts on October 31, 2006. The chart is located here.

Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Garth Turner Income Trust Town Hall Meetings coming up in August

Sunday August 19, 3 pm

Nassagaweya Community Centre, Guelph Line

Monday August 20, 7 pm

Tansley Woods Library, Itabashi Way

Tuesday August 21, 7 pm

Oakville Civic Centre, Trafalgar Road

Wednesday August 22, 7 pm

Political speech, Port Hope, Ontario

Thursday August 23, 7 pm

Hugh Foster Hall, Brown Street

Saturday August 25, 3 pm

Ella Foote Hall