Friday, October 31, 2008

Deficit Jim gets thumbs down

Think-tank slams Ottawa for 'imprudent budgeting'

Eric Beauchesne , Canwest News Service
Published: Friday, October 31, 2008

OTTAWA - The federal Conservative government abandoned prudent budgeting just when it was needed, an economic think-tank involved in helping this and previous Liberal governments prepare their budget projections charged Friday.

Not only did the government, against the advice of private sector economists, eliminate the annual multi-billion dollar cushion against the impact of an unexpected economic slump in the last budget but has let spending get out of control as well, Global Insight said in one of the most damning analyses to date of the current government's handling of its finances. MORE...

Cabinet change was needed in finance: Ignatieff

Updated Fri. Oct. 31 2008 8:45 AM ET News Staff

Liberal party deputy leader Michael Ignatieff said the government doesn't have a grasp of the gravity of the situation.

He said it's difficult to trust Flaherty.

"Before the election he kept saying 'No problem, everything's fine, we're not going into deficit.' When the storm hit during the election they said 'Everything's fine, no big problems.' Now they're aware, now they're fessing up that in fact we're going through the most serious economic crisis in 30 years -- and putting Mr. Flaherty in there is saying basically our economic policy is just fine," Ignatieff told Canada AM. MORE...

Monday, October 13, 2008

Give Jim Flaherty the boot

Brent believes that his first duty is to the hardworking people of Whitby-Oshawa. He will fight for:

• JOBS: a healthy automotive sector means keeping skilled jobs in Whitby-Oshawa, and that's good for everyone. That's why the Liberal Party announced its $1-Billion Advanced Manufacturing Prosperity Fund to support major investments in manufacturing and R&D facilities.

Brent has already secured a committment from the Liberal Party to the terms agreed to on September 7, 2008 that will see General Motors invest $290 million in both Oshawa and the St. Catharines transmission plant.

As part of this important agreement, GM will build a gasoline-electric hybrid version of a mid-size model at its car plant in Oshawa in 2010 and invest a minimum of $40 million to transform engineering facilities in the city to focus on development of environmental technology over five years.

• COMMUNITY: a stong community is the basis of a strong economy. Building and maintaining a vibrant community takes money for infrastructure. Not just roads and hydro, but well-funded schools, community centers, and after-school programs.

• INVESTMENT: Brent's long and successful career in the Investment Capital industry gives him a unique advantage. He has the experience and the skill-set to promote capital investment in Whitby-Oshawa's economy.

Together we can make Whitby-Oshawa into a thriving example of the Canadian spirit — a community dedicated to honest work, a better environment for our children, and hope for the future.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Vote strategically to block Tories, May says

Last Updated: Sunday, October 12, 2008 | 3:52 PM ET

The Canadian Press

Green voters should cast their ballots strategically in about 60 ridings to prevent a Conservative majority, party leader Elizabeth May said Sunday.

"There's no question" that there are ridings where voters should vote either NDP or Liberal to avoid a Conservative win, she said.

She suggested there may be 20 per cent of the 308 ridings, or about 60, where Green voters may wish to vote strategically.

She didn't name the ridings, but three Nobel Prize-winning climate change scientists are specifically urging Green voters to defeat Conservatives in 50 close Ontario seats. Those ridings could decide the election.

May said that in the vast majority of ridings, especially those where Green candidates have a chance of winning, Green voters should remain loyal to the party.

At the outset of the campaign, May was criticized by some Green party members for not stating categorically that Green voters should stick with their party, regardless of possible outcomes.

"Vote for Environment" picks Brent Fullard in Whitby-Oshawa

"Vote for Environment" picks Brent Fullard in Whitby-Oshawa

Candidates for Whitby-Oshawa

  • David Purdy, New Democratic Party
  • Brent Fullard, Liberal Party of Canada
  • Jim Flaherty, Conservative Party of Canada
  • Yvonne Forbes, Christian Heritage Party of Canada
  • Doug Anderson, Green Party of Canada
Our Pick

Brent Fullard, Liberal Party of Canada

This is a crucial riding for the environment. Former Mike Harris cabinet member Jim Flaherty won by only 3,412 votes. The NDP and Greens took just over 10,000 votes. It will be a tough race because the Liberal candidate has not run before. We strongly recommend voting for Liberal candidate Brent Fullard.

Please tell your friends to vote smart!

Canadians care, Harper doesn't.

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An Action Plan for the 21st Century