Monday, July 6, 2009

CAITI members are seeking effective advocacy from the Liberal Party

74% of Canadians think the Liberals need to pick up the ball and run on the income trust issue. This is an issue that effects thousands of Canadians, many of them depending on their income trust distributions to pay their bills in their retirement years. Stephen Harper's Conservatives need to know that their policy of "Lie. Conceal. Fabricate." has no place in Canada

Poll question and results:

I will support that federal political party, based on their "Income Trust taxation" policy:

Provided the party provides a clear and public statement in favour of returning the taxation to pre-October 31, 2006 levels AND seeks to expose Harper’s policy lie about tax leakage. 62%

Although a clear and public statement is not required on this issue for me to support a federal party. I do believe returning the taxation to the pre-October 31, 2006 level is required. 12%

I support Stephen Harpers "Income Trust taxation" policy which mandates an additional tax of 31.5% on Jan 1, 2011 and the double taxation of RRSPs, but not pension plans. I plan to vote Conservative. 27%

The Income Trust Issue is ranked # 2 on the Liberal OnProbation website. Review the Tax Fairness Plan and tax on Income Trusts -