Thursday, August 14, 2008

Income Trusters in Toronto area, here is your chance to meet Dion.

The Liberal Party developed an Income Trust Policy in an effort to counter the damage done by Harper's Conservatives.

Here is your chance to ask Stephane Dion your questions about the plan to make Income Trusts a viable option for Canadian Investors again.

Garth Turner hosts Dion at major public forum

Citizens will be asked for views on economy, environment

Federal Liberal leader Stephane Dion is coming August 20th, to meet the people. Hosted by MP Garth Turner, Dion will be centre stage at an important Town hall meeting in which citizens can ask him about the big issues facing southern Ontario, and Canada.

"Now that Stephen Harper has threatened an election in a few months," Turner says, "it's key that people know where our leaders stand. Stephane Dion is the only one making this effort to get out and ask us all what kind of Canada we want, and how best to cope with the problems which need urgent solutions. I'm encouraging everyone – Liberal supporters or critics – to come and make up their own minds."

Turner cites recent job losses in the manufacturing sector as a priority, along with rising energy costs, falling real estate values and mounting family financial stress. He also says Dion will be outlining his Green Shift proposal, which would see personal income taxes slashed, and taxes imposed instead on polluters responsible in part for climate change.

"Dion has won the admiration of people across the country for meeting real voters face-to-face," Turner says. "He's not afraid of the tough questions we should all be asking of our politicians, now that the economy's turned sour and the federal government seems to be drifting. This is a chance for everyone in the region to get out and make their voices heard, so policy in Ottawa can better mirror public wishes."

The Town Hall meeting takes place Wednesday, August 20th at 7:30 pm.

Location: SVCC Hall (St. Volodymyr). 1280 Dundas Street, Oakville (between Trafalgar Rd. and Bronte Rd.).

Admission is free, and seating is on a first come-first served basis.

Seats may be reserved by calling (905) 693-0166, or emailing

For more information:
Esther Shaye (905) 693-0166

MEDIA NOTE: Media availability with Stephane Dion will be provided. Details to follow.