Friday, May 18, 2007

Garth Turner speaks on Income Trusts in the House of Commons - May 17/07

Garth Turner, MP for Halton, Ontario had the following introduction for this May 17 MPTv video:

Guzzler - Yesterday I was able to speak in the House about the unfairness of the Conservative Tax Fairness Plan - yes, the one that exludes 70% of seniors from income-splitting, taxes the bejesus out of income trust investors, and raises the basic tax rate for every single senior.

For some reason, the Tories go nuts when I rise in the Commons, heckling and shouting and trying to disrupt things. This time it was Dean del Mastro's turn, who took so great an exception to my statement that the actions of politicians have so turned people off it's no wonder we enjoy the same status as used car salesmen.

A member of the Finance Committee, and a full-time apologist for Jim Flaherty, Mr. del Mastro raised a point of order with the Speaker, which he ignored. However, Dean managed to get it on the public record that I had defamed car salesguys. Odd, I thought. But then I saw his car.

Turns out my colleague is a used car salesguy in Peterborough, Ontario. His taste in transportation may explain his progressive approach to the nation's finances. View this video of my short (my time was cut short by a special ministerial accountability session) but sweet speech.