Monday, June 25, 2007

Albertans say it's time to expect more from government

Hard working Albertans, investors and energy trusts want their voice heard in Ottawa

CALGARY, June 25 /CNW/ - Tired of political misdirection and broken promises, energy trust employees and investors are joining with the Coalition of Canadian Energy Trusts (CCET) to launch a new Alberta-focused campaign to demand greater accountability and honesty from the federal government. This action stems directly from broken Conservative campaign promises to not tax income trusts.

"Broken promises will gravely impact our province and the whole country," says Sue Riddell Rose, co-chair of the CCET and president and CEO of Paramount Energy Trust. "We have been told by our unitholders, employees, Albertans, Canadians and business leaders to 'Don't stop now! Keep up the fight!' It is ironic that from the Conservative heartland of Alberta, we hear this message the loudest."

The Coalition is inviting all Albertans to demand honesty and respect from their MPs through a website at The campaign is a joint effort between the CCET, its employees and the Canadian Retired and Income Investors Association (CRIIA).

"I believe we should expect more from our politicians. We should expect nothing less than honesty," says Riddell Rose. "I believe that a promise made should be a promise kept. We shouldn't accept that politicians can get away with not telling the truth."

On October 31, 2006, Finance Minister Jim Flaherty presented his so-called Tax Fairness Plan breaking the Harper Conservatives' promise to not tax income trusts. This decision caused an immediate loss in the market costing investors approximately $35 billion. The federal Conservative government has also unexpectedly removed capital incentives from the oil sands and launched an attack on the energy industry through its recently announced Green Plan.

"I lost tens of thousands of dollars" says Gary Wallat, a retired 71 year old Albertan and member of the CRIIA. "The income derived from Income Trusts helps me meet my living expenses. I trusted the government when they said they weren't going to tax income trusts and I invested my hard-earned money accordingly. To have a Conservative Government which promised accountability and a transparency do something like this is unbelievable. When I voted Conservative I certainly believed they would be more trustworthy."

The campaign features radio and print advertising. Calgarians can watch for the ads to appear over the next five weeks with radio starting today and print beginning Tuesday.

For further information: interviews or campaign materials, please contact: Daorcey Le Bray, NATIONAL Public Relations, (403) 531-0331,