Monday, November 12, 2007

Western Investors protest Stephen Harper's attack on Alberta's Royalty Trusts

Western Canadian Investor Bruce Benson talked to BNN after-hours on the one year anniversary of the surprise announcement to tax Income Trusts at source. The protest occurred at Stephen Harper's constituency office in Calgary, Alberta.

Every Canadian, westerners and easterners alike, will pay for Stephen Harper’s betrayal:

  • The Canada Pension Plan has lost $168 million to date.
  • The take out of the trust sector by foreign private equity and government sponsored pension plans will mean the loss of $7.5 billion EACH year in lost taxes to Ottawa


CTV Calgary

BNN After Hours


TSX vs. Royalty Trust Energy Index

Investors Protest On 1-Year Anniversary Of Income Trust Announcement

CALGARY/AM770CHQR - Angry investors gathered outside the Prime Minister's constituency office in southwest Calgary to speak out about the Harper government's plan to tax income trusts.

It was a peaceful demonstrations, but the words used were not peaceful.

Demonstrators called the federal Tories "crooks" over broken promises on the income trust taxation issue. Many say the prime minister lied about not touching their income trusts.

One woman says she travelled all the way from Vancouver to take part in the rally, because it not only effected her, but her husband, kids, and grandchildren.

One man was in the Halloween spirit, wearing a devil's mask and claiming to be Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.
Source: AM770CHQR Calgary