Thursday, December 13, 2007

Dr. Carney and Mr. Hide

Harper promises 'new era of accountability'
February 1, 2006
CBC News

Incoming prime minister Stephen Harper says his government's first act upon assuming power will be to table a federal accountability bill. No immediate changes to civil service, Harper says

However, Harper said his government would not move immediately to make major changes to the public service that were recommended in Gomery's second report.

Harper said they had "merit" but said his government would have enough to do elsewhere in the first few months of its transition into power.

Mark Carney is an example of a completely unaccountable top ranking bureaucrat from the Department of Finance who thinks that a solemn election promise that was reversed at the cost of $35 billion in Canadian’s hard earned life savings can be simply justified on the strength of 18 pages of blacked out documents, and nothing else.

As Diane Francis, Editor at Large of the Financial Post has written; “prove the case or drop the tax”

You be the judge of whether Bank of Governor elect Mark Carney, meets your test of Stephen Harper’s promise of new Accountable and Transparent government.

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