Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Toronto Star Editorial Board implicitly supports public inquiry into tax leakage.

This principled line of reasoning by the Toronto Star into the need for the Public Inquiry of Schreiber/Mulroney applies as equally to the need for a Public Inquiry into tax leakage as called for by the Green Party and the Liberal Party........only the stakes are higher.....Canada is bleeding $1.4 billion in ANNUAL lost taxes to date from a policy that been around for a year, soon to grow to $7.5 billion a year. And to the extent anyone even cares, Canadians saving for retirement have lost a mere $35 billion.....with a in Brian. The only difference is these Canadians were more than happy to pay their taxes to the government on their retirement income.....only to have the government ignore its existence when it came time for policy formulation.

“There are compelling reasons for such a probe, including the importance and value of the truth and integrity to our democratic institutions. Effective democracy demands that the public interest must always take precedence over the private or personal interests of those who enjoy the power and privilege of governing.

Canadians accept all kinds of costly safeguards to ensure the system works as effectively as it can. The auditor general, for example, provides an effective check on how our tax dollars are spent. The ethics commissioner is the first line of defence against abuse of the public trust. And public inquiries are needed at times to consider whether or not politicians and bureaucrats have abused their power.” Toronto Star Dec 22, 2007

Good of the Toronto Star to mention the Auditor General, since it is the Auditor General whose mantra is “Parliamentarians need objective fact based information on how well the government raises its funds (taxes)”

How objective and fact based do you suppose 18 pages of blacked out documents are? In the absence of facts to support its veracity, where is the accountability for the income trust tax? The transparency? The Toronto Star Editorial? The MSM?

Mulroney inquiry is worth the price - The Toronto Star