Monday, October 1, 2007

Dave Marshall's Story

Remembrance of Halloween Massacre to be held October 31 on Parliament Hill

A year ago Dave Marshall felt comfortable investing in Income Trusts. During the previous election campaign Stephen Harper assured Seniors like Dave and Loreen he would never raid Seniors nest eggs if elected as Prime Minister.

Dave (70) and Loreen (61) Marshall lost $109,000 of retirement savings when Income Trust tax rule changes were announced on October 31, 2006
Source: The Turner Report

Like millions of other Canadians, Dave and Loreen took Stephen Harper and the Conservatives at their word and invested a portion of their hard earned retirement savings in Income Trusts.

When Conservative Finance Minister Jim Flaherty announced his surprise big new tax on Trusts last Halloween, Dave says “I didn’t really understand it that night, you know, the full extent of the damage that was being done.”

Dave found out soon enough when $109,000 in market value was erased from his retirement funds. The Income Trust market has not bounced back and Dave isn't getting any younger.

The Initial Loss

The Continuing Loss

Dave needs your help.

On the first anniversary of Harper's broken promise to Income Trust Investors there will be a remembrance on Parliament Hill. Seniors and all Canadians demand truthfulness and honesty from our government, something they did not get from Stephen Harper.

"This is more than about Income Trusts. It is also about the lying that Harper has done during the last campaign and continues to do at every opportunity," Dave continues, "If this type of behavior is unacceptable to you, then this will be a good time to express that feeling. There are just too many decent MP's on the hill that we have to put up with the likes of Harper and Flaherty."

October 31, 2007 Remembrance March - itinerary and details from Dave Marshall:

  • Meet Dave at the Justice Building on Wellington Street, 12:30PM to 1:00PM
  • Arrive on Parliament Hill 1:00PM
  • Remembrance March on Parliament Hill 1:00PM to 1:30PM
  • Then get checked through security and go to the visitors gallery for question period. The reason for the long period between 1:30PM and question period is that protesters are given extra attention by security.
  • Bring clothing that is suitable for the weather conditions.
  • We should not bring a sign with a stick as this maybe deemed as a weapon by security.
  • For those of us that have trouble walking there is a shuttle bus that runs from the Justice Building to the Centre Block and back. It runs about every five minutes and it is free.

Please give this serious consideration, bring your wife, family, girlfriend and lots of friends.

Please let me know if you are coming. We need a good showing.

Thank you,

David Marshall

Cornwall, Ontario

‘A valuable investment vehicle’ -