Saturday, October 20, 2007

Letters to Editor: Betrayal not forgotten

Looks like Mr. Harper is spoiling for an election, money is starting to flow to all kinds of causes, and he even let the press talk to him and it wasn’t scripted. I’m sure all kinds of promises will be made, just as before the last election.

The first anniversary of what has been the cruelest act of any Canadian government to its seniors, who he encouraged to invest for yield, is on Oct. 31. “Don’t forget, don’t forget,” he said before the last election. Don’t forget the Liberals were going to tax income trusts. Don’t forget we will never let that happen. We will never raid seniors hard earned money.

Well, guess what? He lied. Betraying seniors meant nothing to the Conservatives once they had what they wanted. This was just one of the many broken promises the Conservatives made.

Accountability means nothing to them, patronage appointments number in the hundreds. His own pension fund is one of the beneficiaries of the attack on seniors with no pensions. Their friend, Manulife, has gained the most from the broken promise; days after the betrayal they popped up with Income Plus. Coincidence? Hardly.

Let us, the voters, not forget broken promises and betrayal. Mr. Dion has been chastised by the press for not being strong but he has not lied to me. I know where my vote is going.

Source: The Lethbridge Herald

Stephen Harper - Promises Made 1
Stephen Harper - Promises Made 2