Friday, October 5, 2007

The environment has now turned quite good for Private Equity

"Private Equity found a very difficult environment for about a year and a half with the Income Trust market. The Income Trust market bid up all sorts of properties and it was very difficult for private equity to compete. With the change in the tax laws coming down the pike, opportunities are out there again and we are seeing a lot of deals. The environment has now turned quite good, not particularly good for Income Trusts, but good for Private Equity."
Richard Schmeelk CAI Private Equity, New York, Sept 25, 2007

Richard Schmeelk describes the effect the Conservative 'Tax Fairness Plan' has had on the Canadian income trust and energy market.

Who is Richard Schmeelk?

Dick Schmeelk, based in New York, was a founding partner of CAI Private Equity in 1989. Throughout his career, Mr. Schmeelk has been involved in Canadian-U.S. financial matters. During his tenure at Salomon Brothers, the firm was recognized as the leading U.S. investment banking firm serving the Canadian public and private sectors.

Mr. Schmeelk had senior responsibility for Salomon Brothers' relationships with the Government of Canada, seven Provinces and a number of other public sector entities. He also advised many corporations including Bell Canada, Canadian Pacific Limited, Imperial Oil Limited and Northern Telecom Ltd. Source: CAI

What is Private Equity?

Equity capital that is made available to companies or investors, but not quoted on a stock market. The average individual investor will not have access to private equity because it requires a very large investment. Source: Investopedia

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